30 cm Taracea chess board Alhambra Model View larger
30 cm Taracea chess board Alhambra Model

Taracea chess board Alhambra Model 30 cm

33,06 €

Granada Taracea Chess Board Model Alhambra 30 made by hand in an artisanal way with Rosewood, Sycamore and Walnut wood.

Inlay Board Measurements: 30cm long x 30cm wide x 1cm thick. Approx.

Square measurement: 26 mm

WITHOUT SHEETS - You can see Pieces HERE

100% Wood

This Grenadine handcrafted chess board is made with inlays of various woods and hand varnished to protect it and ensure greater durability and less wear.

Finish: Glossy Lacquer

Model: Alhambra 30

Handmade by expert artisans of Granada Taracea

Made in Granada City of the Alhambra - Spain

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